Aquajet Showers, Inc
"The Ultimate Steam Shower"
Aqua Steam Showers, Inc
108 Village Square No 305
Somers, NY 10589
Phone: 914 522 8289
cell: 914 260 0105
AS 09005
57" X 35" X 86"
1:   Steam Generator
2:   Foot massager
3:   Handle shower (2)
4:   Rain Shower
5:   Fan
6:   Radio System
7:   Audio Impute
8:   Mirror back panel
9:   Top Light
10: Back Light
11: Needle Body Jets
12:  Led Display    
13: 110 Volt 30 Amp
14: 10 Year Warranty
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Water-Resistant Remote Control
At your fingertips, the Water-Resistant
Remote Control with your Aquasteam
Shower Unit operates the lights, steam,
temperature, massage jets,
ozone disinfection, fan,  telephone and
Computerized LCD Control Display
The computerized LCD Control Display
inside the Aqua Steam Shower Unit turns
on/off the power, lights, steam, ozone
disinfection, fan, telephone, radio, and
emergency button for the
Steam Shower Unit.
Steam Sauna
This Aqua Steam Shower Unit feature quickly
produces high temperature steam helping you
increase blood circulation, detoxify, and feel
relaxed. Steam Shower Units are associated with
many health benefits including help with arthritis,
pain, bronchitis, weight, and more. You can easily
regulate the steam temperature from the
Aqua Steam Shower Unit's computerized LCD
keypad or remote control. This allows each person
to find the right Steam Shower Unit temperature.
Foot Massage
The removable foot massage inside the
Aqua Steam Shower Unit puts mechanical
force and hydro pressure together, resulting
in an efficient pediatric massage. The foot
massage attachés to the Steam Shower
Unit's inside wall when not in use, and
features water jets and foot roller bars. Ease
away your pain and enjoy this Steam Shower
Unit feature!

Hand held Adjustable Shower head
You can enjoy the Aqua Steam Shower with
your fully adjustable hand held shower head .

Ventilation Fan
Offers a soothing sound of water falling
gently into your Aqua Steam shower for
added relaxation effect.
Emergency Alarm
If you find yourself in need of assistance
inside your Aqua Steam Shower Unit, with
one push of a button, a loud alarm rings out
for help.
High Quality Speaker System
The Aqua Steam Shower Unit's Speaker
System is integrated with the Telephone and
Radio. Excellent quality speakers inside your
Steam Shower Unit produce great sound for
a relaxing experience.
Acupressure Massage
Adjustable spray nozzles inside the
Aqua Steam Shower Unit pinpoint and
tenderize channels and subsidiary channels,
along the shape of your body.
This Aqua Steam Shower Unit feature can
help you improve circulation, promote holistic
healing, and feel rejuvenated.
MP3 / MP4 & CD Player Compatible
Use the MP3/MP4 USB input located on the
outer Steam Shower Unit control panel to
instantly input your favorite music files directly
into your Steam Shower Unit sound system.
Listen to your music, your way.
FM Radio and Audio Frequency Input
Inside the Aqua Steam Shower Unit, you can
tune into your favorite FM stations or input
music into the speaker system allowing you
to enjoy your favorite
music selections.
Ozone Sterilization System
Bacteria are common in humid
environments. With one button press, the
Ozone Sterilization System easily cleans your
Aqua Steam Shower Unit. This self cleaning
Steam Shower Unit function kills bacteria
and viruses, allowing the next use to be germ
Rainfall Ceiling Shower
The over sized shower head in your
Aqua Steam Shower Unit is surrounded with
blue fluorescent mood lighting giving you a
tropical rainfall experience.
Hands Free Telephone
Instead of getting out of the Steam Shower
Unit to catch the phone, your Aqua Steam
Shower Unit accepts incoming calls with an
integrated Hands Free Telephone. Operation
of the Aqua Steam Shower Unit's Hands Free
Telephone is simple. To answer, push the
appropriate control panel button instantly
stopping the music. Simultaneously, your
Steam Shower Unit speaker becomes your
earphone and a built in microphone
becomes your voice transmitter.
Aqua Steam Showers, Inc